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Donor Perfect is pretty close to perfect
by Converse1889 on 11/16/2018
Donor Perfect has improved our ability to pull mailing lists for events, keep clean records of gifts, complete donor research, store information about our constituents, track any contacts with those constituents, and much more. Having access to constant contact through DPO and the ability to trace those touches back to the individuals' records is a life changer for us. The ability to customize/ create fields and set alerts for our philanthropy officers has allowed us to make the system our own to meet the needs of the organization. Donor Perfect is SO user friendly and simple to find the information you need. The support team is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Though we're having some difficulty with the DP form downloads creating so many duplicate records and the tribute notification system (mostly because of where our data lands), Donor Perfect has made my life so much simpler.

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Constant COntact Integration is Great!
by debbieh110 on 11/16/2018
We used Constant Contact long before we were DonorPerfect clients so it was great to see that there is a seamless integration between the two. It makes my job easier and I continue to enjoy learning new things about both systems to improve my efficiency.

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