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Network for Good’s DonateNow Online Fundraising Tool

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Step up your game!
by JenniferD075 on 10/04/2013
We are a small land trust that had been using Paypal as our web interface for donations. That meant regularly answering questions about "do I have to have a Paypal account?" and so on. This year we updated our website and converted to Network for Good. WOW! It's so much easier for our donors to give now! From May through September we have received twice as many online gifts as we did in all of 2012, and nearly tripled the income by putting our benefit tickets online. Yes, it's true that we have paid some fees, but nearly everyone opts to cover the fee along with their donation, so it's very modest. Have there been some glitches along the way? Sure, but NFG's customer service is very responsive and they get things fixed. As a not-for-profit, they totally understand how important it is to be up and running! If you are looking for an online giving tool that will make it EASY for people to DONATE, look no further than Network for Good's DonateNow!

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