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The Devil We Know
by ShannonP29 on 12/10/2014
MBO has a lot of depth and features. Unfortunately, that means there is a lot that can (and often does) go wrong. It's not intuitive for front desk staff and requires a lot of training. The interface is not engaging or easy to navigate. And the customer service has gone from being stellar 5-8 years ago, to being obsequious and mostly useless now. We have glitches in our system daily, and when something gets bad enough, we will call customer support, but that usually results in long time on hold (so not something to do when customer is standing waiting or on another line) and anymore only rarely anything more than the typical runaround- clear cookies, upgrade browser, try another browser, etc...yes, we know the rigaramarole and have already done it, thank you. And communication is HORRIBLE. We gave this company hours of our CPA time, with understanding that they were developing a way to sync to QuickBooks. They told us we needed to buy QuickBooks Online to make the integration work. We spent a bunch of $ and time transitioning to that. And went weeks with this upgrade being "right around the corner" we got way behind on manually entering transactions...only to find out 3rd hand that they had axed the project without so much as a "thank you, ma'm". No flowers, no chocolates. Nothing. That left us high and dry, and we lost out on tens of thousands of grant and loan dollars that we could have accessed, if we'd had up-to-date books. So why don't we switch to another software? We've considered several others, and considered jumping ship with our 9 years of historical data, but then when we've gone to have "that talk" with MBO about divorcing, they talk sweet nothings about how they love us so much, we were one of their first, etc. And we think how much work it will be transitioning...and we come running back, hoping for better. It works out about as well as it does in any soap opera... so far, no dead bodies, but no easy relationship.

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