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makes me want to burn my hair off
by KirstenL126 on 01/23/2017
After months of ongoing nightmare with a system that has had bandaid upon bandaid slapped onto it, I've decided to move to FrontDeskHQ. For that reason, I may need to abandon Constant Contact too, since FDHQ is integrated with MailChimp instead. I prefer CC, and that's why I am still here. MindBody has robbed me of my sanity and huge amounts of time over the last few months, and I have given up. Yes, the 24/7 support is great in the moment, but any change you make breaks 10 other things an you don't necessarily realize it until, say, you're double booked for a client or some other untenable thing. I always felt that anything I did with MB was precariously balanced. With FDHQ, I feel confident that my system is reliable and A LOT more aesthetically pleasing and MUCH easier for my clients to use. I feel for MB, but my time and sanity are important. Their software simply isn't up to standard.

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