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So easy it's criminal
by DahniT on 10/17/2014
I've been a paid front-end web designer and graphic designer for a few years now. As per usual, I have time to work on everyone's projects but my own. Instapage has been a god send for my personal project: my band's show promotions. I definitely didn't have the time to create a new form and web page from scratch every time we decided to sell or give away tickets to one of our shows. With Instapage I can quickly create landing pages that integrate into our existing website with the click of a button. I can rearrange all the elements (forms, buttons, headers, body text, etc) just by dragging and dropping, or if I'm feeling extra lazy, use one of their many pre-made templates to get the job done. And the best part is, I've been able to add hundreds to our mailing list because instapage is a wonderful lead-gathering tool!

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