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iCapture Free for iPad

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Misleading - bait and switch
by PhillipM427 on 01/11/2017
Was using this app for the free questionnaire with Constant Contact. This app is not user friendly at all, but you can eventually get the branding that you're looking for. It took me a couple of hours. However, once I finally got it juuuust how I wanted it, the background of the questionnaire popped up with ""FREE TRIAL UPGRADE TO REMOVE". After pulling up chat and speaking with an agent, I was informed that the customization feature was not free. He pointed me to section of their website that no one who read their "Overall Benefits" description would ever look. The following implies that everything listed above the "Upgrade" statement is included in your free Constant Contact download: Overall Benefits Grab attention... build your list FAST! Be Unique! An iPad instantly makes a statement to your customers Quickly customize iCapture to your brand Secure your future with a larger email list! Capture Names/Email Free! - Upgrade for more options. I don't normally write reviews, but I would like to save people who need a simple set up, the time that I had to waste. There is a free questionnaire, but it cannot be customized. If you want to customize, it will be a minimum of 120.00. The agent I spoke with did say that they would update the wording on the marketplace to reflect the truth about what is included. A nice thing to have in order to make an educated decision about you would like to proceed.

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Am I missing something?
by ChuckB9 on 02/22/2016
I am trying to do 1 ipad for free... can't seem to find that option. Cheapest plan $10 a month paid annually... sorry, just need a capture for emails. Not going to pay $120 for it. I guess I can just do an exel sheet on my ipad... Please correct me if I am wrong. thanks!

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Comment from ChuckB9 on 02/24/2016
This is a follow up review. They do have a free 1 ipad option. They emailed me the code for it. So, it is a little misleading in my opinion, but once you contact them, they will give you the free code (email and name only on one ipade) option. Thank you!