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Free Trial Or Lite Version
by RobinL15 on 06/28/2012
Very handy tool, but its not free unless you take the lite version with restrictions.

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Comment from sierra-seattle on 01/19/2013
looks like if you go through the sign up and do NOT enter credit card info you get the Lite version. Got my "Welcome" email letting me know my "Lite account now has Lead Capture Links!" We'll give it a try. Sounds like a great app.
Comment from sierra-seattle on 01/16/2013
I just tried signing up and see NO Lite version. It requires credit card info and states the following: ✓ Digioh Pro is just $2.99/month after your Free Trial. ✓ You will never be billed if you cancel during your Free Trial. ✓ There are no contracts or commitments, keep it for as long as you like.
Comment from RishiS0 on 07/11/2012
Hi Robin - thanks for the 4 star review :) The Lite version is completely free and totally functional. We have lots of happy users on it. If you want to add your own company logo or need more downloads our next plan starts at $4.99/mo. Thanks again for your review - I really appreciate it. Rishi