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Very deseptive!
by JoeZ899 on 01/12/2014
How can you say 100% Free and then you have to sign up with a credit card and after the trial its $2.99 a month!

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Comment from RishiS0 on 02/04/2014
Hey Joe- thanks for your review and feedback, it is super helpful. You are right we need to change our UI a little bit. The credit card screen is to give you a one-time deal of $2.99/mo. However if you don't take it, you are still on our Free plan. As soon as you sign up on our landing page, you are enrolled into our free tier.

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by Avalonreal on 09/11/2013
I am simply not fond of the deception here. It is a free trial only accesible by entering your credit card number first... (in case you forget about them, they want to be able to ring the bell a few times while you aren't paying attention) It costs next to nothing $2.99/month, about the same as a cheeseburger, but I don't appreciate the misdirection. Say that it costs $2.99/month and I'll change my review.

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Buyer Beware
by JosephFK on 04/28/2016
This company is a scam. They will set you up as free then bill you monthly for Constant Contact at $7.50/m. You can't term service. They don't answer the phone, tell you to leave a message and don't call back. If you call Constant Contact, they say that DIGIOH handles subscriptions and billing. They claim that they can't help you at Constant Contact although it is their product you are using. Try to cancel and the cycle of deception starts all over again. Stay far away from this company.

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Comment from JosephFK on 05/05/2016
I have sent you a separate email today.
Comment from RishiS060 on 04/29/2016
Hi JoesphFK, I hope this comment finds you well and wanted to explain what I believe may have happened: This is part of a Constant Contact Wix Special. Digioh is a Constant Contact reseller to Wix customers. 1. When you sign up you are signing up for the TOS 2. You can cancel your account at anytime and we respond to all emails in 1 business day or less. We just ask that the customer verify that they actually want their Constant Contact account cancelled. Since sometimes the customer doesn't want Constant Contact cancelled (just their Constant Contact Wix app). 3. We offer basic support questions, but we direct customers to Constant Contact support for anything that is more advanced. I'd be happy to give you a full refund or really anything else that I have in my power to help you out with. You can contact me at and I'll get this taken care of right away. Thanks, Rishi