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Constant Contact for Eventbrite

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Plug-In Not Working / Feature Misleading
by GeorgeT96446 on 01/15/2020
#1 The download link for this APP was not working. It got stuck in a refresh loop and timed out. In general the CC interface has been slow and clunky for me. #2 Some at Constant Contact tech support seem to think that because there is a plug-in to connect CC with Eventbrite, that makes Eventbrite free. That is not the case. Eventbrite is a paid service and it is sad that because the Event features at CC are so dysfunctional that they continue to lean on pushing Eventbrite as an option. Why would we pay for a their party service when we are already paying a premium with CC for the plan we have? There needs to be some training update for your team that is misleading customers.

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