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Constant Contact's List Builder for iOS

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Good app, but could be much better!
by AmberE51 on 08/29/2017
We teach training seminars across the country and we use this app as a way for attendees to sign in when they arrive. It is great for the fact that once someone completes their sign in, the screen will automatically set back to the original landing page allowing the next person in line to sign in. The program is very simple and easy to use, but almost too simple. There is no way to customize it other than a few field options and the message header. When you have 40 people in line waiting to sign in, it can take awhile. It does not allow and special characters, so when someone enters their address and ends it with Dr. or St., an error message pops up stating they cannot use a period. There is also a box for Country. We only train in the US, and I wish that could be removed. All these little things add up to increase the time it takes to sign everyone in. If it weren't for the error messages and lack of field customization, I would rate it 5 stars. Hopefully it will allow for better customization soon!

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