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Constant Contact's List Builder for iOS

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by TaraW255 on 03/10/2018
It would be better if it had the same features as the web-based form, i.e. allow you to use additional info fields, especially if you have created custom fields, an should allow you to select more than one list to add the contact to. Should be able to make certain fields required as well because not all email addresses give you information like First and Last name. More updates required. Also it is a pain that when you log out your customization is gone, and you have to start all over. This should be noted somewhere in the app so that we know not log out just close the app, in order to not have to redo the form. We should also be able to keep multiple forms within the app (e.g. I need a form for when I'm collecting parent info and a form for when I'm collecting school contact info)

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