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Not quite what I need
by MandyB417 on 04/28/2014
I did a trial of Constant Contact with the Cazoomi synch app. It seems to work as designed, but it's not quite what I need. In Constant Contact, every single email is a separate "Campaign." Whereas in Salesforce, I can send multiple emails to a single Campaign. So I end up with multiple Campaigns that I don't really need synched over to Salesforce, and there is not a good way to see the results of a Campaign over multiple emails. The integration is also missing the ability to see who clicked a link from Salesforce. It just tells me that the link was clicked, but not who clicked it. I really like the Constant Contact email builder, but unfortunately the Salesforce integration isn't good enough for me to switch right now.

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Comment from Cazoomi on 05/08/2014
Thanks Mandy for the notes. The way integration works is because you can send multiple emails to 1 Constant Contact list then every email sent is tracked as a Salesforce Campaign of the same name as the email. To see the overall results of the Campaign in Salesforce you could use a Salesforce report which pulls in the metrics into a dashboard (takes 10 minutes to do) as well. Links clicked is tracked yet you just need to drag in the related list "Email Events" into the Campaign History to see them. To break this out by lead or contact you can also create a Salesforce report for it as well. If needing a walk thru feel free to click or call us @cazoomi. ~Clint @cazoomi