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Invaluable tool
by SolutionsForGrowth on 09/29/2014
Analytics Edge is a tool that allows you to source the data from Constant Contact, compile it in an easy-to-read format and get a sound understanding of a campaign’s performance. The data shows the details of a specific campaign and also how it compares to prior ones, both graphically and in a table. Support from Analytics Edge has been exceptional. In the few times where we needed help, they are responsive and endeavor to provide answers and solutions so that we can get back to work. If you want to get a real sense of how your campaigns perform, then consider Analytics Edge as it allows you to get a holistic view of your account, as in marketing, if you can’t measure it, you don’t know how it’s doing!

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Don't know what I did without it
by kgunther on 03/04/2014
I have been a Constant Contact business partner for 18 months and have steadily grown my business to over 50 CC clients. providing reporting after each email was becoming cumbersome and truly it never looked very professional. For a very small fee Analytics Edge was able to not only provide me with a professional looking report but also took the time to customize it with my business branding and my specific reporting requirements for my customers. I have been delighted with how professional it looks. in addition, the time it takes to provide such detailed reporting has been cut down considerable - what used to take 3 hours per week for basic reporting now takes less than an hour for extremely detailed reporting. A Win Win Win(professionalism, time and excellent customer service from AE). He provides a trial period with no exclusion - give it a try - I promise you will love it!

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