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Focus on your business, we’ll handle the marketing

Awesome, Engaging Email Marketing

SouthDirekt will set you up with a Constant Contact Master Certified account manager to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

We offer consulting services and fully managed email marketing newsletters and sales drips to engage and increase repeat business. We help you build your list, create and implement an email marketing plan and mobile-friendly template, track progress to improve results, and provide additional all-in-one marketing services to let you focus on your business. We'll handle your email marketing, event promotion, and social promotions using the powerful Constant Contact platform to ensure the success and growth of your business.

Overall Benefits

  • Build Your List
  • Increase Your Repeat Business
  • More Focus on Your Business
  • Email Marketing is Handled for You
  • Options to Fit Your Email Marketing Needs


Pricing varies based on type of consulting or ongoing level of managed service. Start with a free consultation of your Constant Contact account by contacting us today. Contact: Jake Burns,

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5 Stars!
by EricH5628 on 03/23/2015
The email template looks wonderful - professional and easy to read. Great use of whitespace and strategic color choices. Thank you!

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Highly Recommended
by EricH5628 on 03/23/2015
Highly Recommended :) Definitely use this service :)

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Very Insightful Consulting
by TedS3 on 02/13/2015
Jake Burns gave very helpful advice regarding overall best practices in Constant Contact, as well as my particular e-marketing template. He also introduced me to several great Constant Contact applications of which I hadn't been aware. Jake did a great job on upgrading/revising my e-marketing template and, based on his expertise, I would recommend him to other Constant Contact users.

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