Smart Content for Smart Business

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Smart Content for Smart Business

Intelligent, engaging content that's true to your brand and messaging

I write so you don't have to...

I am a professional copywriter, published freelance writer and marketing consultant who has been a Constant Contact Business Partner since 2008.

I've helped numerous clients launch successful email marketing campaigns resulting in stellar customer relations and increased revenue. I have also been recognized as a Constant Contact All Star Solution Provider for 2011.

Whether you are revamping a tired website, launching an email marketing campaign, improving your online presence with fresh blog or social media content, I provide professional content tailored to your business.

Overall Benefits

  • Expertly written content for email marketing campaigns, social media, blogging, websites and PR
  • Customized online marketing solutions for your business
  • Template design including logos, website matching, photos and links
  • Start with one service and build your online presence at your own pace
  • I work with energy, creativity and integrity


Email marketing starting at $150. Please contact me for more pricing information.

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Wendy Rubicam of Rubicam Writing is a fantastic writer and Constant Contact Pro!
by CindyW02577 on 04/09/2012
I have worked with Wendy Rubicam for over 3 years now and she has always exceeded my expectations. She currently writes articles, Press Releases, Web Content, White Papers, and manages our Constant Contact email campaigns for our client's. She delvers great messaging that is targeted, well-written, timely and informative. I don't think we would be as successful as we have been without her great talents!

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