Nicolai Froehlich

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Bülach, 8180
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Nicolai Froehlich

Creating and managing online marketing (email, social media, websites, events, deal offers) and printed marketing (business cards, brochures, letterheads).

Permission-based online marketing

Our background brings together the scientific method to finding answers, an appreciation for the fine art sensibility, and creating pleasing and functional design.

Use email marketing to cocument express consent to Email Contacts using a GDPR or CASL Email Template, and conform to anti-SPAM laws.

As an award-winning All Star (2013 through 2018), Certified Solution Provider (2019 - 2020, 2015, 2014), working with Constant Contact since 2008, we help clients create and manage permission-based online marketing. For brand consistency, we create custom email designs and social media updates, as well as register and accept payments for events, offer online deals, and take surveys. Use as many or as few of these tools as you wish at anytime with Constant Contact's Toolkit. We actively manage subscriber lists (including adding and cleaning contacts, setting up email automation, schedule delivery, subscriber analysis).

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Overall Benefits

  • Double open and click rates
  • Contact list growth
  • Consistent branding on all social media, websites, and printed cards
  • Schedule email, social media, and website updates
  • Automate email subscriptions

Technical & Support

I have been designing and coding email and integrating it with scheduled social media and website updates. I love helping my clients get consistently high email engagement rates (double the industry standard for email open rates), to connect their online and offline marketing efforts, automate contact subscriber management, segment campaign efforts to share relevant content, and get contacts to share their thoughts to make the marketing personal.


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Get help with updates.
$150 per hour.

Let a Solution Provider manage your emails, social media, event registration, surveys, deal offers, and website updates. Prices based on assignment.

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Average customer Review 4.8 (6 reviews)

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Email/Social Media Expert
by GiselaC57 on 05/02/2018
It has been great working with you Nicolai! Your solutions have eased challenges. So easy to communicate with you and get feedback. Thank you for your support of our brand Sun Pop Life. If you want a proactive Email / Social Media Expert with soul, look no further Nicolai is a delight to work with. Knowledgeable, Experienced and with a Global Understanding of the marketplace, regulations, and end-consumer.

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Trusted Expert
by JohnPaulC on 08/09/2017
I've been using Constant Contact for over a decade. There have been some changes! Nicolai used his expertise to help me optimize my emails for mobile, learn more about segmenting my lists, and even showed me how I could provide free downloads to grow my list directly in Constant Contact. Nicolai is professional and friendly. While Constant Contact's support is excellent, also having Nicolai as trusted resource I can reach out to at any time helps take my email marketing to the next level.

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by MichaelH84559 on 09/20/2016
Nicolai has made my email marketing simple and effective. He knows the technical side of online marketing so I don't have to think about it. He is always professional and courteous. But what I love most about working with Nicolai besides his technical knowledge his is prompt action to any requests. I can always count on him to get back to me quickly and accurately. Once you work with Nicolai, you can tell he loves what he does.

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