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Limelight Marketing Systems

We Make YOU look Good!

Marketing systems that will "make YOU look GOOD!"

"Let 'em know" what YOU do, who YOU are, what services and specials YOU offer, the latest information & news from YOUR industry; through our streamlined branding, email marketing and social media systems.

Let us help you create your personal brand and then apply it across your website, email marketing templates, social media marketing profiles, appreciation marketing campaigns, business cards, direct mail pieces, flyers and more!

Do you need help setting up your Constant Contact newsletter or eblast template? Our team of marketing specialists will help create professional newsletters, eblast or event templates for you that even match your website!

We specialize in re-purposing content and creating effective clickable links within your email marketing that will generate the most leads and drive traffic back to your website consistently!

Letmkno Marketing will manage your newsletter or eblast campaign, your social media and your website -- affordably and effectively and in doing so we will "make YOU look good"!

Overall Benefits

  • Consistent Branding
  • Email Marketing
  • Quality Websites
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Appreciation Marketing


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Reconnecting with my Sphere
by PattyD04 on 02/07/2015
Awesome, thanks and I am getting great comments from people along with retouches from people I have not connected with in a while....very worthwhile for sure! Patty Darke

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You are Helping Me, Help Others
by ChrisN070 on 02/07/2015
I just want to let you know how you're both helping others who are ready to throw in the towel with their businesses. The newsletter gives them a sense of hope that all the years of work they've done to create a wonderful organization they can find a business management system and coaching to solve their issues. At 7:30 AM this morning (right after the newsletter was sent), a business owner called me, said she read the newsletter and was ready to close the doors to her business -- out of frustration with working too many hours, people who aren't good employees and lack of profits. She's had a premier bakery company for years, and would rather shut the doors than sacrifice the reputation she's built over a lifetime. She was desperate, burned out, and hating her employees! The newsletter gave her hope and we've scheduled a meeting next week to put a plan in place to re-organize her business through the EOS model so she can get the right people in the right seats and re-structure for growth -- and life balance! Chris Naylor Business Coach

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One of the best Investments we've made!
by GlennN7 on 02/05/2013
"Letmkno Marketing has been instrumental in helping us create and develop our brand strategy. Their marketing products and delivery systems are one of the best investments we've made in our business." -Necklen & Oakland / Professional Real Estate Services.

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