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Daily Specials Email Marketing

What are you doing with your email addresses? We created an automated system to send your emails daily.

I'm Hungry Now - Daily Specials Email Marketing System

We began developing websites for restaurants 5 years ago. From the start, we were always being asked to capture the customer's email addresses for our store owners. Many asked how they could create emails to promote Daily Specials and other promos. We sent them to Constant Contact. Some were able to find time, or a staff member to handle the email marketing, but most just could not find the time to work it on a daily basis.

We solved the problem. Along with our websites we developed Online Food Ordering Systems. We realized we could take the library of items in the Ordering System and create an automated email sending system. We used our own CMS Website Management System to create very easy to use Template/Pages we convert into HTML emails. We send your emails via Constant Contact API and they are on their way to your customers.

Overall Benefits

  • 28 Day/4 Week System that will allow you to add items with a “Click of your mouse”.
  • Create your Daily Special Menus in advance.
  • Once you select the days of the week/month you want to send your Emails, you let the system “run”.
  • If you want to make changes to any day's menu, you can make modifications up until 1 hour prior to them being sent.
  • 60 seconds of work, and your menus emails are ready to “run”.

Technical & Support

No technical knowledge required to set up. This is a stand alone system, but you can have your webmaster create include an Email Capture tool.

We provide unlimited support. We have a "One Page" instruction sheet that will easily allow you to learn how add/remove items from your Daily Specials Emails in a few minutes. We have simplified the Email Creation/Scheduling/Sending Process, and created a seamless solution we have integrated with Constant Contact Email Sending capabilities.


$19.95 Mo. Flat rate. Send unlimited emails. We will design your Template Header, Customized Email Templates for your requirements. We have an extensive library of coupons, and holiday announcements that we will also customize for you. We will help you set up your entire first month's campaign from start to finish, while we teach you how easy or system is to operate. This is a system you can easily handle yourself, but we can provide a service plan if you decide to have us maintain it for you.

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