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e-Dynamic Marketing, LLC

Turning Clicks Into Customers. Using Email Marketing, Social Media and the web to create an integrated marketing program for your business at a price you can afford.

We Help You Turn Clicks Into Customers

We get it, you're busy. You need to focus on your business. Let us focus on your online presence.

Achieving the Social Media impact you want requires time, consistency and experience. As a Business Owner, you are already busy, managing an effective social media program may not be the best use of your time.

At e-Dynamic Marketing we create a strong online presence for your brand, managing social media; designing and managing email marketing campaigns; and providing website services.

As an Accredited Constant Contact Solution Provider our email marketing services include designing email templates customized to your brand, building and managing your email lists, and developing email campaigns that help you achieve your business goals.

From concept to customer, we can help you deliver the impactful online presence presence you want at an affordable price.

Call us for a free consultation. 908-489-0843.

Overall Benefits

  • Email Marketing - Unbelievably Powerful, Yet Simple - Email marketing delivers your message.
  • Social Media Marketing – Amplify Your Message – Social Media Marketing helps you reach customers worldwide or target customers in your specific audience.
  • Website Services – Custom Look, Affordable Price - Website design, hosting and managment.
  • Strategic Planning - To bring it all together and increase your impact.
  • Results Driven - through an integrated approach.

Technical & Support

Email Marketing (Constant Contact Accredited Solution Provider), Social Campaigns, Social Media, Facebook Advertising, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Website Design, Management and Hosting, Available for Speaking Engagements Focused on Email Marketing and Social Media, Marketing and Social Media, Branding, Marketing Strategy.


Please contact us for a customized quote based on your budget and business needs. Our primary goal is finding a program and budget that is successful for your business.

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by JimK901 on 03/28/2014
We have been working with e-Dynamic Marketing for over a year now. In that time they have helped us grow our facebook page ten-fold and have built an email marketing list from the ground up. We can get very busy running our business. We truly appreciate the fact that they are always looking out for our business and present ideas that are appropriate for us. We can count their ideas to be based in good marketing strategy & for them to handle the technical end so we can focus on our business. The results speak for themselves, business is up!

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They Make Us Look Good
by Details on 03/19/2014
We own and operate a Hair Salon. In our industry how you look means everything. e-Dynamic Marketing Makes us look good. They create beautiful emails that help build our image. They have helped us at every turn. eDM has a very strong understanding of what it takes to make a promotion work. They manage all of our on-line marketing and each promotion is integrated so that our emails, our Facebook account and our website are all working together to create the strongest promotion possible. They are both professional and pleasant to work with. We could not be happier with the results and find working with them very easy.

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These guys have been a godsend for our business.
by JayD93 on 03/19/2014
I have no reservations in recommending e-dynamic marketing for Constant Contact management. We were doing it ourselves for awhile, but not consistently enough to have a real impact. Ever since we started with e-dynamic, we've had nicer looking and more regular communications. We've been tracking our sales results and there's no question that there is a correlation. Worth every dime.

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