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Catamaran Marketing

Digital Advertising Agency

Your company has value. We enhance and communicate that value through effective, modern marketing

Catamaran Marketing is a Northern California innovator helping small businesses with their marketing, graphic design, and printing needs. Catamaran prides themselves on their dedication to meeting expectations and deadlines whether printing promotional pieces, creating company graphics, performing market analysis, or designing custom marketing plans.

Marketing on the Edge

Marketing is a young science that is growing and changing even rapidly with technology like Internet, email, and social media. Catamaran’s philosophy is that if you are not exploring and utilizing the most innovative marketing tools you are not getting all you can out of your effort, time, and money.

At Catamaran we are constantly on the lookout for new innovations from inbound marketing to customer management to ensure that our clients are at the cutting edge, increasing customer engagement, and improving their bottom line.

Focus On What You Do Best

As quickly as the world of business and marketing is evolving it is becoming increasingly impossible to be an expert at everything. In this spirit we proudly partner with developers, like Constant Contact, that create industry leading tools for reaching and managing clients. We, in turn, provide the know how to utilize and get the most out of these tools so that you spend less time worrying about finding your customers and more time serving them.

Overall Benefits

  • Give your company a clear direction and strategy with comprehensive Business and Marketing Plans.
  • Increase your brand's traffic and searchability with Network Presence and Social Media Marketing.
  • Increase your company's customer retention, repeat, and referral with Email Marketing.
  • Make building, maintaining, changing your website easier with easy webdesign.
  • We Hand You the Keys: Utilize all the marketing tools we use and we'll help you as much or as little as you'd like.


We offer a variety of packages to match your budget and needs. Billed by project or hourly.

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Commendation of the Professional Service of Catamaran Marketing.
by RonH083 on 08/14/2015
It is with great satisfaction that I write this letter commending the professional service of Catamaran Marketing. In response to my firm’s interest in Constant Contact, we received the follow-up from his team, and we have been very impressed with his professionalism and efficiency. My first experience with Todd Smith and his team will demonstrate their “take charge” approach at Catamaran Marketing. I was staging an exhibition in San Francisco and, the printer I always use, ran extremely late in producing the announcements. Much money is invested in these exhibitions and anything late can mean disaster to the bottom line. Catamaran contacted the printer and worked with them to obtain graphics and photographs. They had the announcement out through Constant Contact in no time, all the while creating a format for all my future Constant Contact announcements. This clearly demonstrates, to me, that Catamaran does whatever it takes to get the job done. This is our motto at Ferris Design Inc. I have already referred Catamaran Marketing to several business associates and will continue referring this outstanding company. Thank you Catamaran, Keep up the great work, Ron Hutton, ASID Ferris Design Monterey, CA 93940

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Dollars well spent
by DenisP2 on 08/13/2015
My experience with constant contact was enjoyable, easy and very profitable. Todd Smith was a pro, and a pleasure to work with.

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Great Service, Knowledgeable and Creative Staff
by WendyY0 on 08/10/2015
Working with Catamaran Marketing has been a terrific benefit to the organizations that I run. Todd and his staff have introduced me to and guided me through the process of setting me up with Constant Contact for a large professional organization. I have resisted plunging into CC for years now. However, Todd convinced me that, with his assistance, the transition from my email blasts would prove to be more professional, seamless and painless, bringing value and a higher level of competency to my communications. He sat with me for training and has offered to return for a follow up training to teach me more trick and tools now that I am familiar with the program. They have offered to do my weekly communications for me. At the moment I am resisting trying to do it in house. If there comes a time when there is funds in the budget to outsoure, I will happily contact Todd and his staff of highly trained professionals to do it for me!

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