Two Way SMS Marketing

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Two Way SMS Marketing

Reach out to all your Customers within seconds using Two-Way SMS

Reach out to all your customers within seconds using SMS

Two Way SMS Marketing is a solution for businesses to communicate and engage with their customers using SMS. It is the most powerful medium of communication.
Reach out to all your customers within seconds using our app and improve the visibility of your brand and create awareness about your Products & Services to meet higher sales and build loyalty.

Forget old school SMS sending and try out the new way of Interactive Two Way SMS that enables activity between the customer and business. Customers can now resolve their queries and generate orders automatically by just responding back to the same SMS.

How it works with Constant Contact: Seamlessly sync contacts from and to your Constant Contact using SMS Marketing application.

Keywords: Add keywords and associate them with your offers/promotions.
Example: Text us "Deals" now to know about our special offers.

Order Generations: Customers can make a conversation with the SMS chatbot and place their orders via text.

24/7 Assistance: Your own customised SMS Bot always respond back to your customers, even during off business hours.

High open rate: Unlike others mediums, SMS is proven to have an open rate of more than 96%.

Instant Delivery: Messages reach right away and most SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

45X ROI: It is the most profitable way of communication with high ROI.

Overall Benefits

  • Send Offers, Promotions and Deals using SMS to all your customers.
  • Customers can send and receive messages, automate responses using pre built flows and adding new keywords to save time and resources.
  • Instant Delivery and high open rates help in reaching out to your customers for special offers, limited deals, etc.
  • Keep Customers Loyal by engaging them with conversations and delivering defined responses, unlike other mediums
  • Low Cost, High Conversion and better ROI with SMS Marketing


Basic-45$ per month, Subscription for up to 2000 messages.
Standard-95$ per month. Subscription for up to 5000 messages.
Executive- 195$ per month, Subscription for up to 10000 messages.
Premium - 245$ per month, Subscription for up to 20000 messages.

Company Information

1063, Morse Avenue, Unit 9-100
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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Great App With Lower Cost | Kudos to Team
by user69134 on 03/05/2020
A great app for small business owners. It almost increased customers towards my business. It fill out the gap between business owners and customers.But it would be better if they assist with yearly plans.

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