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timetoreply connects to your sales and customer-facing teams’ mailboxes to measure email reply times and provide actionable insights. Gain the clarity you need to optimise their performance.

timetoreply Email Analytics & Real-Time Alerts

Link Constant Contact and timetoreply in order to improve your teams’ reply time to inbound email leads. Don't let hot leads go cold and never miss an important sales, or customer email again with our real-time alerts feature.

In timetoreply:

1. You’ll have the option of creating new contacts or contact groups within timetoreply automatically using your Constant Contacts contacts.
2. You can use these contact groups to create specific reports (for example a report on how well your sales team is responding to leads from your outbound email campaigns from Constant Contact) and real-time email alerts for that set of customers (for example send an alert if there has been no reply from my customer service team to Top “100 Customers” contact group after 2 hours)

In Constant Contact:

1. You can sync data from timetoreply to Constant Contact so that you can view email analytics and reply time data against each of your Constant Contact contacts in Constant Contact.
2. You can create a task in Constant Contact when a real-time email alert fires in timetoreply. For example, you might create an alert in timetoreply whereby any email that has not received a reply after 2 hours from “customerA@customercompanyA.com”. If that happens, you can choose to create a task in Constant Contact and automatically assign the task to the agent that received the email and has not replied as of yet.

Overall Benefits

  • Close more sales leads
  • Increase sales and trust through quick response times
  • Improve customer service levels over email
  • Manage email workloads across teams
  • Measure individual and shared mailbox performance

Technical & Support



timetoreply Success - $15 per mailbox per month
timetoreply Sales- $15 per mailbox per month
timetoreply Ignite - $25 per mailbox per month

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