Outleads - Call Tracking for E-mail Campaigns
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Outleads - Call Tracking for E-mail Campaigns

Track phone calls from your e-mail marketing campaigns! Outleads tracks calls without provisioning new phone numbers.

E-mail Call Tracking Made Easy

Outleads' innovative technology collects detailed call analytics about each phone call you receive - using just one phone number. You'll never have to provision phone numbers again!

Our technology extends to tracking phone calls from mobile devices that originate on e-mail marketing campaigns. Simply open an account with Outleads and setup our call tracking and connect your Constant Contact account.

We'll automatically pull all of your campaigns you build on Constant Contact, and generate click-to-call links that you can place in them - so you can take your marketing analytics to a whole new level.

Overall Benefits

  • Get more phone calls - embed click-to-call links in any e-mail campaign
  • See which of your campaigns and other marketing generate the most calls, without generating tracking numbers
  • Run unlimited campaigns and split tests using just one phone number
  • Get detailed information about each call, including the name of the campaign you entered in Constant Contact
  • Track the outcome of each call, such as sales and conversions


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244 5th Avenue, Suite D-237
New York, NY 10001
(646) 535-4616

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