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iCapture for Android

Grow your list offline! Automatically add new contacts to your Constant Contact account!

iCapture + Android = The Emails You Need!

Use an Android tablet or phone to capture names, emails and even preferences from customers and add them to your Constant Contact account automatically. Use the most effective list growing technique available and turbocharge your data collection.

No Internet Connection?     No problem... it works Offline!

Are you attending Networking Events or Trade Shows? iCapture does NOT require an internet connection. Just re-launch the app when you get a connection and your captured data is immediately delivered to Constant Contact.

100% Free Forever Example:

How many customers are you missing?

Visit iCapture.com/examples to see how Constant Contact customers are building their list every day.

Need Multiple Devices?   Prefer Customization?

iCapture can support from 1 to 1,000 devices and help you create the custom look you need. Upgrade to customize and add more devices. View pricing options.

Overall Benefits

  • Grab attention... build your list FAST!
  • Be Unique! An iPad instantly makes a statement to your customers
  • Quickly customize iCapture to your brand
  • Secure your future with a larger email list!
  • Capture Names/Email Free! - Upgrade for more options.

Technical & Support

  • Click on "Get It Here" above.
  • Complete the integration from your web browser
  • We'll send you an email with links to download the app.
  • Start capturing Names and Emails into your Constant Contact account!
  • If desired, login at iCapture.com to create a custom set of capture questions unique to your business


Capture Names and Emails on one device FREE...Forever!

If you need more advanced features or multiple devices, see our "Unlimited Capture" options. Plans start at only $10 per month. (see website for more details).

Company Information

EAGLE, ID 83616
(208) 375-0187

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Average customer Review 2.2 (6 reviews)

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iCapture for Android doesn't work!
by ToddT268 on 03/03/2017
Downloaded and installed on TWO Samsung Android devices $700 phones each a year old. The app won't install! Don't waste your time.

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waste of time
by RoelS on 05/12/2015
instructions on how to set up are unclear. browsed the web to find info but info is either incorrect or not up to date. could not set up the app to try it out. anyways, supposedly can only use on 1 device for free... I uninstalled it.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Not Loading
by 4gfdh2 on 02/05/2014
Great idea, very disappointing. Can't return to android home screen. Stuck on icapture loading for twenty minutes now. Gonna restart android and uninstall icapture.

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Comment from BradyR6 on 01/18/2015
Note from iCapture Team: We updated our app within days to fix the bug. We apologize for the problems.
Comment from Donna_M_Cook on 02/08/2014
same problem here...left it all night saying loading.........

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