Constant Contact's List Builder for Android
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Constant Contact's List Builder for Android

Grow your email list from anywhere with Constant Contact’s List Builder for Android tablets.

Eliminate the inefficient pen and notepad collection of email signups. Constant Contact’s List Builder lets you collect new subscribers with ease and style; even without an internet connection.

Overall Benefits

  • Sync seamlessly - When a new subscriber signs up with List Builder, they'll be added to your Constant Contact mailing list. Not connected to the internet? List Builder retains offline entries and syncs them the next time you are connected automatically.
  • Goes anywhere - Your new tablet signup form will fit right in on the counter at your store, being displayed at your next event, or even tucked under your arm – headed to that next meeting.
  • Easily adapts - Select a preset form or set just the fields you wish to collect. Insert your logo, add a greeting or promotion message. Even initiate a new sign-up list, right from the List Builder app.


Constant Contact's List Builder for Android is free. Download and try it with your Constant Contact account.

Company Information

Constant Contact
1601 Trapelo Road
Waltham, MA 02451

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Not Ready For Prime Time!
by YvonneG162 on 04/06/2017
I wanted to require First Name, Last Name, Email, and Mobile Phone but this app allows you to submit by just putting in an email and none of the other fields are required. Could accumulate too many bogus email addresses - we offer an incentive for signing up for our newsletter.

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Comment from Delizioso on 06/10/2019
This is exactly my problem as well. Utterly inflexible.

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