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Google Contacts Integration

Connect your prospects, clients and partners in real-time with marketing connected to Google.

Sync Constant Contact Subscribers with Google Contacts Today to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing.

SyncApps enables you to automatically sync critical customer data (email address, name, opt-outs) between Constant Contact and your Google Contacts.

Even segment Google Contact Groups!

Overall Benefits

  • Save time managing your contact data by integrating Constant Contact with your Google Contacts. No more double entry needed!
  • Get automatic two-way sync for all basic fields for your contacts: email address, first and last name, company name and address, as well as your opt-outs, every 24 hours for UNLIMITED Contacts.
  • Create targeted, timely marketing campaigns by segmenting your contacts based on Google Contacts custom fields such as type of client, product interest, or stage of sales cycle.
  • Cloud based so your team has access from anywhere.


We have 4 plans to meet all requirements of Constant Contact subscribers.

Free: 1 integration scheduled every 24 hours

Basic: 2 integrations scheduled every 24 hours

Professional: Down to 6-hour scheduling and all features for $49.99/month

Enterprise: Real-time integration for $99.99/month and scheduled phone support

If needing more features on your Free Plan we have Add-Ons to meet every requirement for less than the price of a Netflix subscription! Please see our Add-Ons.

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Average customer Review 2.3 (4 reviews)

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Just so you know, reviews are important
by BraveWorld on 10/03/2017
I am a long time CC client, Since 2007. read the reviews that have been provided for this service. Based on those reviews I have no interest in wasting my time trying to get this to work for me. So, unless you can provide me other more positive feedback I will not use this service and will continue to look for a more affordable alternative. Sorry, but feedback is important. One star due to the feedback presented.

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Comment from Cazoomi on 02/13/2018
Thank you for the comments. We totally agree reviews are great so do try the solution which is awesome if it meets your requirements. Regards, Syd
Not What I Expected
by KatieH577 on 11/07/2014
This app seemed promising at first, but after signing up for it and attempting to sync my lists, I was disappointed to find that it doesn't sync to anything but a master list. Unfortunately, that's not what we need. The misleading part was where Cazoomi gave me the ability to choose what lists to sync. Why give the option if it doesn't sync them?

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Comment from Cazoomi on 04/25/2015
Thank you Katie for the comments. The Free Plan can only sync to 1 List. Choose all Contacts or select specific Google Groups to be synced to Constant Contact lists. (Only Available on Paid Plans) If needing more please upgrade anytime. Regards, Cristy

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Only syncs Google - Constant Contact
by Presbytery on 10/26/2012
I've spend a lot of time talking with this company regarding this sync application. It only will add info to google contacts if the email address does not already exist. So it really is not a two way sync. We keep our master data in Constant Contact and want to sync our gmail accounts with that data. This app does NOT do this.

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Comment from Cazoomi on 11/28/2012
Thanks @Presbytery and in SyncApps CRM, in this case Google Contacts, the system of record, wins in integration and two way sync in SyncApps follows our core rules: Sync Google Contacts contacts to Constant Contact master list. Custom field mapping to 15 available Constant Contact fields. Opt-outs managed automatically in Google Contacts from Constant Contact. Each selected group will be synced to a Constant Contact list. Google Contacts always takes higher precedence over Constant Contact. Any contact changes in Google Contacts will always be synced to Constant Contact. Contact data is synced from Constant Contact only if the email address doesn't exist in Google Contacts at the time of syncing. For your use case the easiest solution is to export your "master data in Constant Contact " in 5 minutes into your Gmail account. This is a best practice in making sure your database is synced up from Day 1 and any new Google Contacts added will be synced automatically to Constant Contact and vice versa for new contacts added to your "Master List" in Constant Contact. Hope that helps clear up your misunderstanding of how it works, ~Clint @cazoomi

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