Accelerate E-mail Collection with Bloom Intelligence

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Accelerate E-mail Collection with Bloom Intelligence

Collect e-mail addresses and build detailed customer profiles quickly and effortlessly via guest WiFi. Send automated marketing messages based on a variety of easy-to-use triggers that you configure.

Bloom Intelligence is the best-in-class guest analytics and marketing engine. It allows brick-and-mortar location to begin collecting customer data as soon as a guest walks in the door, whether or not they connect to the WiFi. The cutting-edge customer intelligence engine collects customer data from multiple channels, including WiFi sensors, online and offline behavior, social media, and point of sales systems.

Our proprietary algorithm sets incorporate machine learning, predictive analytics, attribution models and artificial intelligence to deliver deep customer insights while building detailed customer profiles.

The Bloom Intelligence customer intelligence engine delivers real-time market research to organizations from a large sample size of customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers.

Our enterprise solutions allow our customers to use their guest data when and where their organization needs to drive deeper value and understanding. they utilize our enterprise integrations to add our intelligence into their ecosystem to trigger specific workflows.

Our customers can leverage customer intelligence and analytics to personalize their guests' experience, reduce churn, and increase frequency, spend, and guest satisfaction.

Overall Benefits

  • Detect guests and get traffic counts and key visitor statistics even if they never use your WiFi.
  • Collect e-mail addresses, names, gender, birthdays, zip codes, phone numbers, and other information from guests who connect with your system.
  • Automatically sync collected contacts with your Constant Contact account.
  • Send automated marketing messages using a suite of sophisticated triggers.
  • Measure your customer churn rate, and automatically engage customers who have stopped returning to your stores.


Prices begin at $50 per month based on package selected and number of locations.

Company Information

Bloom Intelligence
200 Central Ave, 3rd floor
St. Petersburg, FL 33545
(727) 877-8181

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Average customer Review 4.5 (2 reviews)

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Bloom Intelligence Rocks!
by MarkH966 on 10/15/2019
I love using this company.

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User Friendly!
by MarkM26162 on 07/11/2019
I have been utilizing Bloom Intelligence Guest Wifi for about 4 months now. I had been using another service for one year. I was not getting the support I expected, it wouldn't link to Constant Contact, and it wasn't intuitive in its functions. I switched to Bloom and have been very pleased! #1 My emails are automatically loaded into Constant Contact - a huge timesaver. #2 Bloom is much more user friendly. Even when I come across glitches, which I get since the system is always changing and growing, I am able to connect with customer service the same day. They are very responsive! #3 Prices are reasonable. New companies are jumping into the guest wifi arena daily and we have lots of choices. I recommend Bloom!

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