Arts People Ticketing, Fundraising, & Marketing Integration

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Arts People Ticketing, Fundraising, & Marketing Integration

Allows you to synchronize your contacts and mailing lists from your Arts People database to your Constant Contact account for email design, delivery and tracking.

Arts People Ticketing, Fundraising, & Marketing Integration

Connect Arts People with Constant Contact to synchronize contact details and send emails to targeted lists. Your patrons won’t miss another event!

*Utilize the data management and marketing tools available with Arts People to create marketing lists that you can export into Constant Contact

*Use Constant Contact's Create professional emails, track/analyze eCommerce data and more!

Marketing is a very powerful component of any successful business or organization. Arts People provides an easy to use, versatile marketing tool. Our marketing engine allows you to pull targeted lists of patrons based on criteria, such as tickets or retail items purchased, donors and members, who’s purchased a gift certificate or pass... you can do it all quickly and easily.

With Arts People’s targeted marketing, you can select any grouping of contributors, members, ticket buyers, passholders, subscribers, manually defined groups and more. Through our integration with Constant Contact, you can easily connect your lists in Arts People with your Constant Contact account and take full advantage of the robust marketing tools offered by Constant Contact, coupled with the intuitive and adaptable data management tools provided with your Arts People account. Life just got a lot easier!

Overall Benefits

  • Effective Email Marketing just got easier!
  • Save time with automatic nightly list syncing
  • Keeps your Constant Contact data up to date

Technical & Support

See help files inside the Arts People knowledge base for support and details.


Integration is free. Fees for Constant Contact and Arts People services are based on your client agreement. Contact each respective provider for details.

Company Information

Arts People
2538 N.E. Broadway
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 860-4776

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Great CRM platform
by HarlieS4 on 10/16/2017
Arts People has all the feature I need to run the ticketing and donor tracking functions for our small non-profit. The user interface is intuitive, for the most part. Customer Support is phenomenal!

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