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Build contact forms for your website, subscription opt-in forms, customer surveys, order forms, and more with 123ContactForm.

Import form contacts on your Constant Contact lists

123ContactForm helps all businesses create custom online forms and turn them into active lead collectors in just minutes.

Use the enterprise-ready tools of 123ContactForm to build contact forms for your webpage, subscription opt in forms, sales forms, customer surveys and all types of polls. With the drag & drop form editor of 123ContactForm you can have any email form ready in just 3 easy steps. No technical knowledge is needed. Just design your form and simply copy-paste the script to your webpage!

And now you can monetize your lead generation forms using the 123ContactForm application for Constant Contact. Once a user fills in the form, his contact data is seamlessly imported into a Constant Contact list of your choice and he becomes a future recipient for your email campaigns.

All forms you create with 123ContactForm can run on multiple platforms: HTML websites, social media (Facebook pages, Twitter), blogs (WordPress, Blogger) and many others. Going to trade shows or conferences? Have a QR code for your form URL – the mobile version of forms and surveys is at hand.

Overall Benefits

  • Capture contact details and grow your email lists using web forms
  • Easily adapt forms to your brand image – include your logo and use domain aliasing
  • Engage your social media audience with polls or surveys for Facebook and Twitter
  • Reliable solution for small businesses, HR departments, sales representatives, marketing officers and many others

Technical & Support

- Create a lead generation form or survey with 123ContactForm using the drag & drop editor.
- Go to Settings > Applications > Constant Contact. Press Add.
- In the application box, click Connect.
- Provide your Constant Contact authentication data and grant access to 123ContactForm application.
- From the dropdown, select the Constant Contact list that you want to populate with contacts and click Customize. Match the Constant Contact fields with the fields in your web form (Name, Email etc.)
- Press Save for the customization options and then Save again in the main view.
- Start collecting leads for your Constant Contact account with the web form!


Constant Contact integration is available starting from the Gold plan (price: $14.95 / month or $149.95 / year) that also offers unlimited reports over submissions, multi-language forms and many other advanced features.

You can try 123ContactForm using the FREE BASIC PLAN, which includes 5 forms & 100 submissions per month. The free plan does not include the Constant Contact integration.

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Str Republicii nr 9, et 3, ap 307, 30015
Timisoara,  300159

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Been using 123ContactForm's for months
by ToddH395 on 07/23/2014
Easy to create on their website, then just plug in the code into any html site or on WordPress. They even helped trouble shoot a css issue I had. I'm comfortable with basic html but I'm not a programmer so their product is a good balance for people like me. Yes, it costs some money per month, but to be able to get forms up and running quickly for a non-programmer is worth it.

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Not Free - at all
by TeajaiK on 07/06/2012
This says it's free but if you want to integrate with Constant Contact you have to pay a minimum of $14.95 per month. Boo Hiss

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