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Dukky Works Wonders for Stine Home & Yard
by JeremyS96 on 09/08/2011
My name is Jeremy Stine of Stine Home & Yard. We have 12 home improvement centers in Louisiana and Mississippi. We have just completed our third successful Dukky campaign. We knew we needed to connect with our customers via email and social media so our goal was to increase our email database while also having a bounce back coupon to bring our customers from online to offline in our store. Dukky delivered. We averaged over 25,000 visitors to our Dukky microsite for EACH campaign and converted over 50% of those to fill out our form. In just three Dukky campaigns, we had over 40,000 customers fill out our form while also increasing our average ticket receipt from the bounce back offer by over 50%. The analytics platform Dukky has created helps us track our social media in real time, measures and analyzes real time customer engagement, and it all incorporates seamlessly into our traditional media platforms. Their platform was another great weapon in our marketing arsenal. The way you justify a campaign like this is, we are already spending money on these traditional media forms, i.e. print, radio, bag stuffers, and TV for our promotions. Dukky was just another layer that we added to our traditional media format that allowed it to go social and viral. It is extremely cost-effective; the ROI from all of our data collected was phenomenal. We now have a great idea of who our customer base is, how they found out about us and our promotion, and we are able to communicate with them more effectively and efficiently in the future. I could brag about our numbers all day and how well Dukky worked for our marketing efforts, but what truly makes it work and pulls it all together is their excellent customer service. They help you every step of the way, which was crucial because we aren't the most tech savvy bunch. If you need something fixed, it's done immediately. We will continue to use them in the future. Feel free to email me at with any questions.

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Great company and great product!
by LeslieJ on 09/08/2011
EducateNow! is thrilled with the results of the two successful campaigns we've run with Dukky. Dukky's user-friendly platform helped us significantly increase our non-profit membership and introduce our organization to a greater and more diverse audience. Dukky is a unique and valuable resource that EducateNow! would strongly recommend to any business or non-profit looking to expand.

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