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Couldn't operate without it!
by user001 on 02/24/2011
Camelot Software is the backbone of our company. It has enabled us to streamline and systematize our entire office procedures to the point of not only creating less stress, but more importantly in increased measurable growth. Since putting your system in place, our business has exploded! Office tasks have become much easier, leaving more time to spend with family. I no longer have to agonize about the fact of my clients forgetting my name and I no longer have to go through the painstaking process of manually generating these reminders. I literally push a couple of buttons on my computer and they're done. No overlapping mailings, pure documents, up to date files. Customer service is also a great asset of Camelot. They are always ready to help their clients in an efficient and timely fashion. What more could you want or expect from a great software package? Thanks Camelot!

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