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Constant Contact's List Builder for iOS

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List Builder
by ElaineS444 on 01/10/2017
I have been using the List Builder on my iPad located in my retail store - this allows the customers to type into the form and thus allows me to add valid contacts into my Constant Contact account and have less bad email due to illedgible handwirting. Great tool! Saves time!

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Comment from JodiS687 on 01/30/2017
I love this idea. I will start using this when I teach health and wellness classes!
by DaveR156 on 03/01/2017
After I downloaded this app, I wanted to start building a test list. The first glitch was in the phone number field-- it kept asking for a 10-digit number but would only accept 9 digits. Not a great start. Then I tried editing the fields to only capture email, first name and last name. This time it said I needed a valid email address which I already had entered. Oh and much as I am not a fan of big logos, when you import your company logo, there's no suggested size so mine came in at disclaimer size. Going to try updating iOS for my iPad and see if that helps but so far, all this thing has let me accomplish is to get behind on my to-do list.

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