Tripepi Smith
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PO Box 52152
Irvine, CA 92619
(626) 536-2173
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Tripepi Smith

Effective marketing solutions from a marketing, technology, and public affairs firm that understands your needs.

Our talented team combines experience and innovation to deliver results you can count on.

Tripepi Smith is a provider of marketing, technology and public affairs consulting services. Combining our years of experience in local government, technology and the marketing fields, Tripepi Smith offers a unique blend of skills to help our clients execute on their goals. The Tripepi Smith team stands ready to help you with your outreach campaigns, video production, content writing, messaging, graphic work, technology infrastructure and websites.

Overall Benefits

  • SUPPORT: Our team members are located in the US and are easily accessible via phone, email, and other channels.
  • KNOWS LOCAL GOVERNMENT: We work with local governments, cities, counties, water districts, and more. Our experience in the public affairs space gives us a unique depth of knowledge and services to match.
  • FULL SERVICE: We’re a one-stop marketing and communications firm that offers a broad range of visual and written communications, web development, and campaign management services.
  • INNOVATIVE: We’re committed to understanding industry best practices and digital tools. As such, team members regularly attend informational seminars and earn certifications to enrich their minds with knowledge that allows them to better serve you.
  • TIMELY: Operating in the cloud allows our skilled team to work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible for quick turnaround.

Technical & Support

MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION SERVICES: Website Development ‌● Email Campaigns ● Video Production ● Content Creation ● Copy Editing ● Logo Design ● Collateral Development ● Social Media Management ● Coaching ● Ad Networks

PUBLIC AFFAIRS SERVICES: Strategic Messaging ● Agenda Tracking ● Marketplace Intelligence

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