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SJS Marketing

Constant Contact E-Mail Marketing and Local Area Expert

We are your best choice for everything related to email marketing and promotion.

Do not get stuck with an agency that doesn't focus on email marketing. We have proven results for over 9 years as a Platinum Level Solution provider. We create fabulous custom templates, newsletters, promotions, online surveys, EventSpot management, personalized coaching and workshops.

We also create and maintain social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and produce professional logo and print design work and custom unique PowerPoint presentations and WordPress websites.

We are one of a few Constant Contact fully authorized and accredited "expert" level partners of Constant Contact. We can help you get started, get better and get improved results.

Customer service and responsiveness is a top priority. See our client testimonials and reviews and our website at

This Solution Provider has successfully completed Expert training and is authorized to present Constant Contact best practices seminars.

Please contact this individual directly at 727-446-8883 to discuss their availability.

Overall Benefits

  • Focus on email marketing, Experts at campaign planning and execution; Local Area Expert presenters
  • Beautiful custom re-useable newsletter and promo templates
  • We help you get started or improve existing Constant Contact promotions
  • We'll copy edit and make content easier for you
  • Expertise in e-surveys. Do not go anywhere else if you want these


Customized to client budget and marketing goals

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SJS Marketing Time well spent!
by MatsB on 06/06/2017
Direct with a focus on content, Joanie shared best practices and guided us quickly. Not only did we get real value for our time we learned a great deal from the workshop she presented to our Chapter. We see a STRONG alliance going forward between Score (Helping small business grow) and SJ Marketing. Thanks again Joanie! Pat Huston Chapter Administrator with Score Pinellas

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Great Ideas
by FirstNameL1557 on 06/01/2017
Now all the great new ideas Joanie give me, I know better witch directions to in with my emails.

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I feel smarter already!
by MaryleeG on 05/31/2017
I took a free Constant Contact webinar with Joanie at SJS Associates a couple of weeks ago and took advantage of her offer for 30 minutes of free coaching - and boy am I glad I did! The only complaint I have is that 30 minutes was not nearly enough time to delve into everything I need to know, all of which she knew the answers to. In 30 minutes I answered so many questions and have plenty of information to get my new campaign started. Joanie also offered to follow up with Constant Contact for me on a specific tech issue. I will definitely be investing in some more SJS Associates consulting time.

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