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Email & Engagement Marketing Maven

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Building Relationships - Building Business

Hi, Friends! I’m Nicole Arnold, proud owner of Little Cottage Services LLC. I specialize in Engagement Marketing, and I am very passionate about helping small business owners build productive, meaningful, and lasting relationships with their customers.

I know how to take your business from invisible to irresistible. If you are ready to create something epic; I would love to be your partner.

Winner of the 2011 All Star Award from Constant Contact

Overall Benefits

  • Proactive approach to achieving and delivering quality results.
  • Successfully deliver individual and team projects meeting and exceeding objectives and client expectations.
  • Ability to work in an entrepreneurial and start up environment and understand the pressures that this brings.
  • Robust and assertive approach combined with the ability to maintain the clients expectations and perspective at the forefront.

Technical & Support

Custom Email, Social Media, Event Marketing Services with Constant Contact- The tools you need to entice and engage your clients.

Website Design with WordPress – Simple, elegant, and fully customizable to your needs.

Comprehensive Engagement Marketing Plans- An action plan to draw customers to you.


We offer a variety of packages to match your budget and needs. Billed by project or hourly. Our first conversation with you is always complimentary.

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Average customer Review 5.0 (7 reviews)

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Takes the time & solved my problem
by dona45 on 02/16/2013
Before we met Nicole we managed the registration for our golf outing via spreadsheet. It worked but the process was slow and painstaking. When I started the design to use Constant Contact for an on-line registration system I had no idea how to start. Nicole, patiently listened to my requirements and suggested a couple of different approaches. She worked with me and not for me, when I needed her to develop the functionality she would, when I wanted to be taught how to modify the system capabilities she taught me how to do it. Nicole has been easy to work with and she is always available to answer any questions that I have. I feel this system reflects my design thoughts and meets our customer needs. I highly recommend Nicole to support your efforts to use Constant Contact. Sincerely, Ken Willoughby (Giving Hope Network, Events Coordinator)

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Incresed our Revenue
by HenyH on 11/12/2012
We hired Little Cottage to increase our email marketing ROI. We couldn't be more thrilled with the results. It is no surprise that Constant Contact has chosen Nicole to showcase their partner services; she is truly a complement to their amazing services. Believe me, your marketing campaign has a lot to gain by bringing her into your team. We've seen it first hand!

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Marketing and Social Media Genius
by JimJ60 on 10/24/2012
Our company has retained Nicole for the past several months and she is truly a rare blend of marketing, communications and social media genius. Her creativity is pure and not too "over the top". Her work ethic and attention to detail reflects that of days gone by. When you invest in Little Cottage Services, you are getting a "Blue Chip Stock" and your return on asset should make you proud.

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