Lady Lorde & Associates Inc
Lady Lorde and Associates
Castries, 00000
Saint Lucia
(758) 287-5483
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Lady Lorde & Associates Inc

Lady Lorde offers an array of services which include;Career Management,Recruitment,Business Brand & Commercial Development, Strategic Communication, Content Marketing, and Logistics

Communications & PR company

Lady Lorde offers an array of services which include;
Career Management
Business Brand & Commercial Development
Strategic Communication
Content Marketing

Overall Benefits

  • We have an extensive network of professionals at our finger tips
  • We offer value for money
  • Our standards are ridiculously high, and we are results oriented
  • We are experts in the field of marketing and communication bringing a fresh approach to the way business is being conducted in today's world
  • We come with over 12 years experience in the industry

Technical & Support

Some of our best work is strategic analysis & planning and Commercial development. We work with small businesses and help them reach their full potential.


Our rates are as follows:
non skill labour: US$15/hr
Semi skilled labour US $35/hr
Skilled labour US $55/hr
Send us an inquiry if you would like to verify the 3 listed categories above.

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