Craig Sherrett
Map Image Independent
292 Tuskarora Trl
Mooresville, NC 28117
(704) 998-1585
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Craig Sherrett

Merging marketing, messaging and technology to improve customer retention, acquisition and performance.

Marketing Services for Small Business and Financial Institutions.

Business is simply providing a customer with a product/service that satisfies a need or want in exchange for something of perceived equal value. What has changed – and continues to change - is the way we communicate this value to the market. So if your product/service satisfies a desire, need or want but you are finding it difficult to communicate its value, call me. I can help.

Overall Benefits

  • Reduce customer attrition levels.
  • Lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Increase cross-selling rates.
  • Reduce risk/negative exposure.
  • Lower sales costs.

Technical & Support

Expert in multiple disciplines including CRM, automated marketing, nurture programs, email campaigns, graphic design and web development.


Custom pricing to fit any company budget.

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