Virtual Assistants for Real Estate and Small Businesses
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11700 Accord Cove
Arlington, TN 38002
(901) 661-3058
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Virtual Assistants for Real Estate and Small Businesses

We provide support to small business owners and those in the real estate industry. We are here to help you with branding services, marketing and social media services as well as listing coordination.

Wide Range of Services

Fresh Start Virtual Assistants, LLC gives you a “fresh start” to your business needs.

Whether it is real estate business support with our extensive listings, marketing, social media, blogging, database and graphic design services or small business marketing, social media, blogging and graphic design support, we can provide you with a complete analysis of your ​system to find your strengths and weaknesses; ultimately helping your day-to-day systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Overall Benefits

  • Running and advertising at a top level. Our skilled team helps to identify your market, provides high level graphics services and launches your business at a top level.
  • We have extensive knowledge of every MLS system.
  • Through the implementation of contact type tracking, drip plans and communications that provide value at all times we ensure that your database remains engaged, increasing your referrals and overall business growth.
  • Fresh Start Virtual Assistants, LLC not only works each week to make sure your marketing, social media and blogging exceeds your needs, but we also spend in excess of $200 a month testing new platforms and fine tuning the algorithms.
  • We have a great working relationship with the top real estate marketing sites, including Zillow, Trulia and, allowing us to troubleshoot any issues quickly and effectively and keep your listings working for you at all times.

Technical & Support

Over 15 years of combined virtual assistant experience.


Flat rate and per hour pricing available based on desired services.

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