Dudley & Nunez Communications - Constant Contact Partner of the Year
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2351 Sunset Blvd., Suite 170-454
Rocklin, CA 95765
(916) 759-6977
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Dudley & Nunez Communications - Constant Contact Partner of the Year

Marketing Designed with Small Business in Mind

With 20+ years of experience, we know how to craft and deliver your message for positive results.

You know your business. We know small business marketing. Let our expertise in email marketing save you time, money, and hassle while using Constant Contact to grow your business.

• Complimentary Chat: Do you have Constant Contact and/or marketing questions? Our first phone consultation is always free.

• Email Review: Looking to improve your emails? We'll offer our professional suggestions . . . all at no charge.

• Jumpstart Package from $149: Short on time or just need help getting started? Our Jumpstart Package is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running with email marketing. It includes customizing a Constant Contact template to your brand; uploading contact lists; and incorporating your brand into your welcome email, change-of-interest email, and update profile email.

• Consulting: Do you see the potential of Constant Contact but have concerns that you aren’t doing it “right?” We provide the expertise and follow-through to help you succeed.

At a loss for what to say or how to say it? We can solve those problems too. Maureen Dudley and Celia Nunez are writing veterans and know how to make your content come alive.

Please check out our reviews below, our website and our Facebook page! Then, contact us! We love helping clients succeed with Constant Contact.

-Maureen & Celia

Overall Benefits

  • Customized Templates
  • Marketing Consulting from $40 per hour
  • Copywriting/Content Creation
  • Newsletter Specialists
  • Branding/Corporate Identity

Technical & Support

Chosen from 8000 Business Partners as Solution Provider of the Year (2013).

Constant Contact Authorized Expert and Seminar Presenter


First consultation is free. "Jumpstart" package from $149. Consulting from $40 per hour.

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Upbeat and Friendly
by KatherineG51136 on 07/22/2015
Maureen is very upbeat and friendly in her delivery. The 30-minute consultation went by so fast and she offered lots of valuable information. She walked me through the editing of the Constant Contact "Welcome" auto-responder, which I was very reluctant to do on my own. And with her help I now have the confidence that I can make the necessary changes. She also sent a bonus e-book "60 Ways to Grow Your Email List" and this gave me even more ideas on how to promote my business.

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Maureen made it easy!
by KathyS748 on 07/17/2015
I've been attending presentations taught by Maureen for quite awhile. I've been really impressed with Constant Contact as well as Maureen's knowledge of email marketing. Now that we're updating our website, it was the perfect time to get going, and Maureen made it so easy. She helped me set up our account, get a branded template, and then provided training. After the training session by Maureen, I am confident that we'll be able to effectively use email marketing to drive more business to our website. As a small business owner, I have no extra time. Maureen saved me from wasting any time stumbling around on my own. She's the best!

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Great ideas . . . no pressure to buy anything
by NeleA on 06/01/2015
Maureen crammed a lot of information into our complimentary 30-minute review. She analyzed our company's emails and then gave us customized recommendations on how our we could improve our open and click-through rates. Although I have done a lot of email marketing training in the past, I still learned new information from Maureen. She was friendly and helpful, and I felt no obligation or pressure to purchase any future services. Thanks for the great service!

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