Commercial Real Estate CRM Property Tracking System

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Commercial Real Estate CRM Property Tracking System

Commercial Real Estate CRM made specifically to track deals, projects, properties, buyers, sellers, tenants, spaces, and comparables.

Track deals, projects, properties, buyers, sellers, tenants, spaces and comparables.

Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Investments, Development and Management for multiple users and corporations. REA 9 will run on both Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems and with Parallels on MACS.

REA 9 combines the power of the Microsoft SQL database system and the .NET programming language to create an enterprise database system for tracking properties and contacts.

REA 9 works seamlessly with Microsoft Office including synching contacts, calendar, and emails with Outlook. REA 9 can be run over an internet connection making it easy to access your data from anywhere.

REA 9 leverages the 31 years of experience Creagh Computer Systems has in commercial real estate database technology and brings it to your desktop.

Overall Benefits

  • Track all your deals, estimated close date, probability of closing, and commission. It tracks all your leads and history for each project so you can quickly see everything that is happening with any of your listings.
  • Share your projects, leads, attachments, history, and contacts with your clients with REAConnect.
  • Smart Attachments, drag files attached to any record in REA 9 and drop them into your emails! Email floor plans, listing packages, photos or anything else quickly and easily by dropping them into an email.
  • Mail merge from Properties, Spaces, Companies and Contacts. You can also add any field from those tables in your mail merge
  • You can automatically sync your information to Outlook and your PDA so all your information is current no matter which device you are using.

Technical & Support

Here are the system requirements for REA 9 :

Minimum 266 MHz processor (Pentium III or higher recommended)
Minimum 1GB RAM (2GB RAM recommended)
Minimum 1GB of available hard disk space
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Server
Windows Server 2003 Standard & Enterprise Edition
VGA (800x600) or higher resolution monitor
For systems with 10 or more users, a full version of Microsoft SQL server is highly recommended.


REA 9 Price range from $400.00 -$695.00

Company Information

REA Inc.
(858) 729-0154

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