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ProProfs Training Maker

Automatically import ProProfs Training Maker learners into Constant Contact email lists and boost marketing

Boost your marketing efforts & bring in more revenue

ProProfs Training Maker is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that enables businesses, organizations to offer comprehensive training programs by creating online courses, assessments, surveys, courses and polls.

With the integration of ProProfs Training Maker with Constant Contact, you can send targeted email campaigns to learners, boost email marketing leads by importing details of ProProfs course takers to Constant Contact and much more.

Our seamless integration with Constant Contact will allow you boost your marketing list and achieve greater business efficiency.

Overall Benefits

  • Create courses (irrespective of size and volume) five times faster with a simple ‘drag and drop’ feature and support it with rich visual media, online quizzes, assessments etc.
  • Detailed analytics and advanced reporting so you can easily track the progress of your learners, collect data about the students, create insightful reports, understand which courses are working/popular and which needs to be revised and much more.
  • Make money by selling your courses online by setting up sellers account on ProProfs Store.
  • Custom design your courses right from the scratch to reflect your brand identity or choose a specific style from a library of hundreds of templates.
  • ‘Free’ plan for first ten learners which allows unlimited course creation and data storage


$29 - Professional, $59 - Team, $129- Business, $299- Enterprise

Company Information

6800 Altamor Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(855) 776-7763

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The Simplest Solution to Create Courses
by deepshikhas6 on 03/15/2018
As a trainer, my job is to create online courses on Psychology that would be circulated to 1000+ students. After trying my hands on a few clunky LMS software, one of my acquaintances introduced me to ProProfs Training Maker. And, I can’t be more thankful. The interface is quite simple and self-explanatory, so even a 10th grade student can create a course without any external assistance. All you need to do is type the information into successive slides and you’re done. For a basic course, it won’t take more than 15 minutes for a single slide if you have got information at your fingertips. The best part, I can add plenty of surveys, polls and questionnaires in between the course to keep my learners engaged. Thanks to ProProfs Training Maker, I can send my courses over email or post them even to social media. What more do you need? Highly recommended.

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Special offer

‘Free’ plan for first ten learners which allows unlimited course creation and data storage.

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