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Accept recurring and one-time payments and add payers to Constant Contact contact lists

MoonClerk - Recurring and One-Time Payments

Accept both one-time and recurring payments online and add new customers or donors to Constant Contact when they check out. So, you can offer a paid newsletter to your subscribers or when your customers or donors make a recurring or one-time payment through MoonClerk, you can just add them to your free e-newsletter through Constant Contact.

MoonClerk lets anyone immediately and inexpensively set up branded, embeddable, and linkable recurring online payment forms without any technical skills.

Overall Benefits

  • Accept payments right on your website
  • Charge your customers' credit/debit cards in-the-field on your smartphone
  • Include checkout links in emails so that customers can pay you immediately
  • Use your office computer as an online virtual register
  • Add customers/donors to Constant Contact

Technical & Support

MoonClerk Help and FAQs:
See overview of integration.

For support-related questions, please contact

How to Install Constant Contact on Your MoonClerk Account

How to add payers a Constant Contact contact list


To learn more about MoonClerk pricing, click here.

Company Information

1040 W. Washington St.
Greenville, SC 29601
(800) 654-0411

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Almost Perfect
by GayB5 on 01/28/2016
MoonClerk was quite easy to set up for payments, etc. It was also easy to integrate MoonClerk to Constant Contact. If you're looking for a recurring payment program I'd recommend it.

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I recommend it!
by AlfredI67 on 11/03/2014
A long time looking for such a product. I give it 5+ stars!

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