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Build, A/B Test, and Personalize Landing Pages in Minutes

Landing Page Marketing Made Simple

Instapage is a landing page platform ideal for teams and agencies. Instapage provides A/B testing, landing page personalization, flexible subaccount permissions, and an industry-leading page builder.

Integrate landing page forms with Constant Contact for seamless lead acquisition. You can capture email addresses, names, and any other fields you set up in Constant Contact.

An Instapage integration lowers the cost of customer acquisition and brings scale to your landing page marketing.

Overall Benefits

  • Higher Conversions Leads to Lower Cost of Customer Acquisition
  • Personalized Landing Pages at Scale
  • Ideal for Teams and Agencies

Technical & Support

Follow the simple steps in this article to connect your landing pages at Instapage to your Constant Contact account. If you have any issues, Instapage support is available to help.


3 paid plans, starting at $29/mo.

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620 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94107

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So easy it's criminal
by DahniT on 10/17/2014
I've been a paid front-end web designer and graphic designer for a few years now. As per usual, I have time to work on everyone's projects but my own. Instapage has been a god send for my personal project: my band's show promotions. I definitely didn't have the time to create a new form and web page from scratch every time we decided to sell or give away tickets to one of our shows. With Instapage I can quickly create landing pages that integrate into our existing website with the click of a button. I can rearrange all the elements (forms, buttons, headers, body text, etc) just by dragging and dropping, or if I'm feeling extra lazy, use one of their many pre-made templates to get the job done. And the best part is, I've been able to add hundreds to our mailing list because instapage is a wonderful lead-gathering tool!

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