Ez Texting
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Ez Texting

Extend your email marketing with SMS Marketing. Text customers synced from Constant Contact in seconds. Grow your list and engage with mobile Keywords, SMS polls, contests & coupons.

Ez Texting is a Constant Contact integrated, SMS marketing service loved by over 50,000 clients.

Instantly connect your Constant Contact account to Ez Texting’s refreshingly simple, surprisingly affordable text messaging service. Sync, sort and segment your Constant Contact list and you’ll be sending text messages in minutes. With read rates greater than 90% in three minutes text messaging is the fastest way to reach all of your contacts, immediately.

Ez Texting’s SMS marketing platform is as powerful as it is easy to use. While mobile marketing pros will enjoy the extensive feature set that our text messaging software offers, anyone who can pick up a mouse will find our software a breeze to use. Whether you want to promote your business, run text 2 join campaigns, polls and contests, or get in touch with all of your contacts at once, our service allows you to do so quickly, easily and affordably.

Ez Texting is absolutely free to try!

Overall Benefits

  • Automatically sync your contacts from Constant Contact
  • Send text messages to your customers wherever they are in seconds
  • Use Keywords to reach new customers. Try it by texting JOES to 313131
  • Automate your mobile marketing with drip, recurring and scheduled campaigns
  • Free to try. Never sign a contract.

Technical & Support

* All you need to use Ez Texting is your web browser.
* Access Ez Texting with a smartphone and we'll make your life easy with a mobile optimized web app.
* Constant Contact Syncing is fast, easy, and safe. We'll never touch the data in your account, only sync it to Ez Texting


Pay as you go for as little as $5/purchase.

Company Information

Ez Texting
244 5th Avenue, Suite A224
New York, NY 10001
(212) 255-4663

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