Easy Insight -- Easy Reporting and Analytics

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Easy Insight -- Easy Reporting and Analytics

Build custom reports and dashboards to measure and analyze email marketing results relevant to your business all in a matter of clicks.

Measure, Visualize, and Improve Conversion Rates, Marketing ROI, and Customer Engagement

Build custom reports and dashboards to measure and analyze email marketing results relevant to your business. Take advantage of Easy Insight to extend your Constant Contact reporting capabilities to the next level of visibility and analysis. Keep a pulse on the health of your marketing campaigns through KPIs of contact acquisitions and conversion rates. Easily apply custom filters to analyze data by campaign, geography, custom fields, or any of the other fields in Constant Contact.

Overall Benefits

  • Business User Friendly
  • Drag and Drop Report and Dashboard Creation
  • Export to Excel and PDF
  • Set up recurring emails of your campaign metrics
  • Combine with your other data sources for full visibility


Completely Software as a Service, so no software installation is necessary.


30 day free trial, then $25/month

Company Information

Easy Insight
1401 Wewatta St Unit 606
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 220-8085

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Insight into the marketing metrics small businesses need today.
by Cazoomi on 12/19/2010
Well done app and great to see effective marketing intelligence making its way to small businesses who need it too. ~Clint @cazoomi

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