Datafield - Capture Email on iPhone, iPad and Android
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Datafield - Capture Email on iPhone, iPad and Android

Build an email registration form on iPad, iPhone or Android and automatically sync new contacts to your Constant Contact mailing lists. Work online and offline

Capture Email and contact details on iPhone, iPad and Android

Use Datafield mobile application on iPhone, iPad and Android to collect emails, names and other contact information and automatically synchronise with your Constant Contact Mailing list.

Datafield is the most effective way to collect emails and contact details at the Point of Interaction. Datafield is hugely popular with retail businesses and with companies attending Trade Shows.

The Datafield – Constant Contact integration runs on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) and can work both online and OFFLINE. Datafield robust mobile form builder is also useful to build simple or complex registration forms at check-in.

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Overall Benefits

  • Build your mailing list faster!
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Stop using paper to collect emails and contact details
  • Apply smart segmentation to your prospects and customers
  • Be unique ! Use the latest digital tool in your operation

Technical & Support

Step 1: Create your registration form on

Step 2: Launch and fill in registration forms on Datafield mobile application

Step 3: Set up the Constant Contact Sync using Cazoomi SyncApps Always and set up sync between Constant Constact and Datafield

That’s it ! You can then start capturing Names and Emails into your Constant Contact account !

You can also check this detailed tutorial with screenshots.


Datafield's & Cazoomi both have a Free for Life plan to start you out. Really Free!

Monthly subscription plans are available depending on the how much data you collect - see detailed here :

Cazoomi SyncApps' Free for Life plan cover all Constant Contact members and paid plans are available depending on how much you want to sync - see details here:

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Simple & Efficient
by  on 04/01/2013
I've been looking for such App for a long time. At last, this app is working perfectly. I'm not inputting any more my contact business card into Constant Contact... all is done automatically and my emailing list are up to date. Highly recommend!!!

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