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Constant Contact for Facebook

Let people sign up for your mailing list through your business Facebook Page

The Facebook Join My Mailing List App makes it easier for you to collect new contacts directly from your Facebook fan or business page. This app cannot be added to a personal profile on Facebook at this time.

Overall Benefits

  • Collect email addresses through your Facebook page right into the mailing list you choose.
  • Easily transfer new subscribers' contact details from new subscribers' Facebook page into your Constant Contact account.
  • Customize the link by editing the introduction, call to action box, naming the link, and adding an image URL.

Technical & Support

To learn how to set up your Facebook Join My Mailing List app, click here.


Constant Contact's Join My Mailing List for Facebook is free.

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Constant Contact

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Inconvenient and Clunky
by MelanieK6743 on 11/28/2016
This app has good intentions but it does not interface with facebook pages well and rarely gets new address. Frustrating that it's a separate button that clearly looks 'offsite' from the FB platform which makes it unappealing to new contacts. It also shares odd and the layout is weird and squished. We now run from the web based plugin and it runs really well, getting many new addresses from it. Keep working on it Constant Contact!

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