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Quickview for iOS

Create, schedule and manage your email campaigns from your iOS device!

Email Marketing on your iOS Device

Staying in regular touch with your customers, members and clients is easy, effective and affordable with Constant Contact®. Create & manage all your email campaigns—all from a single app!

With QuickView 4, you can compose and schedule email newsletters, get the links to then use on social networks, and view the results of sent newsletters all from your smartphone or tablet.

Overall Benefits

  • View who clicked, opened, and forwarded your email
  • See who clicked on each link, and at what time
  • Refresh campaign statistics on-the-fly, as new stats roll in
  • Compose newsletters containing titles, text, links, buttons and images
  • Schedule any draft newsletter in your account for delivery


Quickview version 4.0 runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS 7+.

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Constant Contact

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Constant Grashing
by TomR7161 on 10/24/2014
Yes one can review states. Yes, one can vie by email address, name or activity. But do not try and select an email for more information. The app crashes immediately and closes down!

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