Contact Capture Tool for Desktop
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Contact Capture Tool for Desktop

Save time and effort by adding and updating Constant Contact contacts directly from your desktop on your computer with our Contact Capture Tool.

Add and update contacts directly from your desktop on your PC or Mac

The Contact Capture Tool Version 2.1 by Constant Contact is a free, downloadable contact import tool for your Windows or Macintosh desktop. It allows you to quickly add or update a contact without opening a web browser.

Overall Benefits

  • Add a new email address to any or all of your lists in Constant Contact
  • Quickly update the list subscriptions for a contact that is already in your Constant Contact account
  • Add or update up to four of your contacts Constant Contact details
  • Runs on your desktop without any web browser needed

Technical & Support

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Adding contacts overview

To install and use Contact Capture Tool v2.1, you need Windows Vista or 7 or Mac OS X and an internet connection.

You may also need to install Adobe AIR Runtime

Company Information

Constant Contact
1601 Trapelo Rd. Suite 246
Waltham, MA. 02451
(866) 876-8464

Customer Reviews

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Average customer Review 2.7 (15 reviews)

Most Recent Customer Reviews (see all)

Worthless - does not work
by ThePTC on 12/29/2015
We are BIG user of cc.... I this tool now just freezes on my computer. Windows ten. Tried downloading use. Won't work.

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Cannot install atall
by RoshaniS8 on 09/08/2015
Its not being installed at all. There is some img file that downloads when that link is clicked and then it says search app in store and the store does not have the app at all. Please sort the lapse and send a downloadable link. The Adobe Air got downloaded.

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can't install - far too much handling, etc.
by GeorgeA36 on 09/03/2015
worthless since I can't install Windows 10 user

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Comment from BarScan on 09/06/2015
Agreed, does not work properly in Windows 10. There must be a better way to update occasional contacts than to login to the website.
Comment from Hannah_M on 09/03/2015
Hi George, I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. We do support Vista and Windows 7 at this time. Can you email us with more about what is happening? Please include your username! social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. Thanks, Hannah

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