Constant Contact for Salesforce
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Constant Contact for Salesforce

The Constant Contact InfoTransfer plug-in for Salesforce is a free, fast, and efficient way to transfer contacts and their information into Constant Contact.

Import contacts and download opt-out information - all from within your Salesforce Account

InfoTransfer Version 1.0 for Salesforce is a free, efficient, and secure way to transfer email addresses and contact information from Salesforce into any or all of your contact lists in Constant Contact.

Overall Benefits

  • Upload customers' email addresses and customer information directly from Salesforce to save time
  • Transfer contacts to any or all existing Constant Contact lists
  • Update your existing contacts' details and custom fields in Constant Contact
  • Update your customers' Email Opt Out status in Salesforce by uploading your Do Not Mail list
  • Automatically add Salesforce contacts and leads to your Constant Contact Do Not Mail


To install and use InfoTransfer v1.0 for Salesforce, you need both of the following:

* Trial or paid Constant Contact account (Email Marketing or Survey)
* Compatible version of Salesforce (Group, Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited Edition)

Company Information

Constant Contact
1601 Trapelo Rd. Suite 246
Waltham, MA. 02451
(866) 876-8464

Customer Reviews

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Average customer Review 2.5 (6 reviews)

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Has many issues!
by ToddG62 on 05/13/2015
The email campaign activity history is not syncing in Salesforce. Importing email lists from Salesforce to Constant Contact is a pain. Not sure if the opt-out syncing is working either.

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Does not work, not compatible with recent sfdc releases
by Kcoe on 03/27/2014
This app is very outdated and does not function with the current PE version of sfdc.

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The ONLY solution for Group Salesforce edition
by lindab681 on 02/22/2014
It was difficult to get all the right elements together to make this work: - will not install with IE, I used Firefox, - you had to figure out the custom tab issue in SF, I deleted the Getting Started - SF recently upgraded their site so all the instructions where slightly off So I now have it together, not sure how well it will work.

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